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Britney Spears's Casual Style Is the Only Constant Left in This World

Britney Spears is a creature of habit. Her red carpet style has stayed the same for almost a decade, and apparently her off-duty clothes have as well. The singer is currently traveling the world for her Piece of Me tour, and was photographed sightseeing with her sons, Sean and Jayden, on her most recent stop in Berlin while wearing athletic short-shorts, a green-and-white “Lucky Charm” shirt, and a pair of Adidas sneakers. If it weren’t for her sons, now 12 and 11 years old, it’d be hard to pin down just what year we were in. Just compare it to this video of her from Instagram in April or her getting some Starbucks in 2009.

The family, along with a serious-looking bodyguard, visited the Lustgarten park on Berlin’s Museum Island, and were photographed smiling and laughing while taking in the sights. Spears is scheduled to perform at the city’s Mercedes-Benz Arena on Monday evening.

On Saturday, she performed to a record-breaking crowd of 57,000 people at Preston Park for Brighton Pride in the U.K., her first time performing in the country since her Femme Fatale tour in 2011. She posted a photo of herself from the performance afterward on Instagram, writing, “I’ve always loved the UK and this night just made me love it even more.”

Spears has come a long way since 2007. She’s back to performing in arenas and looking as happy and bubbly as she did when she first came on the scene back in 1998. One thing that seems to stay the same, however, is her style. Spears’s graphic T-shirts and messy buns seem to be the only consistent and reliable things left in this world, and frankly, we’ll take it.

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Star striker Jermain Defoe still on ball at 35 after showing meat red card

Not only that, but the Bournemouth striker scored England's first goal in his return game, 13 years after first joining the squad.

So, what's his secret? Other than a superhuman ability to get the ball in the net, Defoe puts the longevity of his career down to one thing: his recent adoption of a plant-based diet.

Why he wanted to do it

Defoe is refreshingly honest about why he started exploring the options in his diet.

"When you come into the later stages of your career, you always try to find anything you can do to prolong it," he explains, showing his steely dedication to football.

It was documentaries like Netflix's What The Health that convinced Defoe to cut meat out of his diet, showing him the benefits and alternatives that were on offer.

"I wanted to try something different to prolong my career, and that's how I was inspired," he says. In his drive to continue to play football at a top level, Defoe has cut meat out altogether, but he still eats fish.

How he found the transition

No matter how in vogue the vegan diet is, for most people the transition is still a pretty tricky one.

Even though Defoe hasn't gone fully vegan, cutting meat out of his diet was still tough, because of the culture he grew up with.

"At first it wasn't easy," he admits. "It's something completely different to what I've done before, especially coming from a West Indian background.

"When I first started, it was difficult. I used to go to my mum's on a Sunday and she'd make lamb, beef, all this kind of stuff."

Admittedly, Defoe has it easier than most people. He works closely with a nutritionist who helps shape his diet to make sure it's balanced. In fact, it doesn't seem like Defoe does that much cooking at all.

"I don't mind cooking," he says, sounding very unconvinced. "My girlfriend does most of it, but I help her."

Now, Defoe's diet has settled into a pretty consistent rhythm. "I try to stick to vegan meals at home, but after training at the ground, I'll have a bit of fish, like tuna or salmon, to get some energy back into my system," he says.

His mum has also managed to adapt - he was at her house the night before we spoke, and she made him a lovely vegetable curry.

How it changed his performance

For Defoe, changing his diet so significantly has undoubtedly been worth it.

"It wasn't easy, but as I was doing it I noticed the difference," he says. "I didn't get one muscle injury last season, and in your 30s that's quite unusual.

"I thought it must be down to my diet - cutting meat out and really understanding what I'm actually putting into my body."

His muscles aren't the only thing that have benefited from a meat-free lifestyle. "I've always had energy, but sometimes you feel a little bit lethargic and bloated," he says. "Now I feel like I've got more energy. I feel completely different - I'm able to train every day, I don't get any injuries and it's helped with my game. That, for me, is the most important thing."

How his teammates have responded

Veganism isn't exactly seen as a macho lifestyle choice, which seems at odds with the lad-centric nature of football.

However, Defoe says his teammates are really receptive to his diet. "A lot of the younger players look at me and they're like 'Wow, how can he still be playing at that sort of level at 35?' I think they wanted to know what the secret is," Defoe explains. The answer he always gives them? His diet.

"I think they look at me and think they should try it themselves - and they should, because the earlier you try it, the better it will be," Defoe says.

With top sportspeople such as Serena Williams and David Haye adopting veganism, plant-based diets are shedding the image of being wishy-washy and unbalanced. If a 23-times Grand Slam winner can succeed without getting her protein from meat, then there's got to be something in that.

Importance of knowing about food

For Defoe, his journey away from a meat-focused diet has been an eye-opening one.

"When I was younger, I didn't understand much about food, I just ate what was in front of me," he says in disbelief. "Even at the training ground I just ate like everyone else."

It was education that showed Defoe that there are so many alternatives to meat. That's why he did a film with Quorn and Ben Fogle about how reducing your meat intake can be so much healthier and better for the environment.

"It encourages kids to understand what they're putting in their bodies," Defoe says. "It shows you can be healthy and fit without eating meat."

For now, you won't see Defoe reaching for grilled chicken breast to get his #gains. Instead, he'll be opting for tofu - which will probably help power his professional career for a few extra years.

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11 high street bags you won't believe aren't designer

The bag game is STRONG on the high street for spring/summer 2018, and if you can’t quite afford to invest in a must-have designer handbag, this is very good news indeed. All the more so because a bag is the one foolproof way to update your look in this trans-seasonal weather.

As is the way, high street stores like Mango, Zara and M&S have taken their cue from the catwalk for their on-trend offerings.

There are plenty of net bucket bags (Mango has a limited edition one that instantly sold out but might be coming back in stock soon), and plastic totes to tick that see-through trend (check out Zara and Forever 21’s take on this).

And while basket bags are still going strong this season, we’re welcoming the arrival of Crayola brights as seen at Givenchy and Balenciaga, by way of Topshop and M&S.

A purse-friendly bag is a great way to dip into tricky trends too, and & Other Stories has some pretty pastel options if you’re not into the head-to-toe ice cream look.

Scroll down to shop bags that are so chic your friends won’t believe they’re not designer.

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