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The Biggest Beauty Movement You Can Find All Over Instagram

Contrary to the over-plucked eyebrow trend of yore, the kind of fringe popping up on our feeds today is fuller than ever. The last few years alone have seen bold-brow outliers like Cara Delevingne, Lucy Hale, and Zendaya prove that the beauty standard for the "cool" eyebrow is no longer one-size-fits-all. In 2018, however, people are taking the look one step further, proudly showing off their unibrows both on Instagram and on the runways — and we don't hate it one bit.

If the body hair movement of our generation has proven anything, it's that you shouldn't feel self-conscious about the natural hair you have — and this extends to your eyebrows. Luckily, there's a crop of unibrow renegades all over social media lighting the way. So if the thought of getting another wax makes you want to curl up in a ball and cry, you might want to consider following their lead and let your (eyebrow) bush grow wild and free.

Need inspiration? We've rounded up our favorite unibrows on Instagram as of late.
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How to select prom dress for girls of different height

Perhaps it is the most important thing to consider wile buying a prom dress for the party. Improper selection may cause a short girl to look much shorter and a tall girl to be much taller. So consider dress that flatters your body type and can well accentuate positive features of your body and hides the negative if any.

Dark Green Satin Off-the-Shoulder Ball Gown Floor-Length Dresses

Prom Dress for long & charming girls:

Full figured women can go for A-line attire or an empire gown. This kind of dress covers the body entirely till their feet. The dress suits girls of hourglass figured and it show off their curves beautifully. Moreover athletes' girls can prefer this dress since it make them look elegant and smooth. While their nature of boy is strong and tough, A line prom dresses gives a feminine look. Tall girls with shoulders and hip of uniform width must choose a gown that has something spun around the waistline. Usually tall girls have thin legs which they hesitate to show it off but their hips look figured giving a feminine attribute. This is the reason why they choose models to be tall. Hence long prom dress pattern together with decorated waistline help them to cover their legs and make them look classy. Sheath dresses are the perfect choice for long lean girls.

Prom Dress for short & pretty Girls:

For short girls, if they wish to look tall, they can opt plain dresses with limited decoration. Dress with heavy works probably degrade your appearance and gives you a short look. Picking long gowns is yet another bad choice. It is better to stick to fitted sleek silhouettes. Since it has a lop-sided hemline, it makes you look taller. It is good to avoid belts or straps in contrasting colors. To make you look long, try a solid color silhouette and wear pointed shoes.

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Beauty Secrets You've Never Heard But Need to Know

Drink more water, take your make-up off before bed, use SPF—this is all sound advice, but hardly breaking news for beauty junkies. But what if we told you we'd quizzed the pros for some beauty tips you haven't heard before? Seriously, there's still some out there (and we thought we knew it all). From how to stop your nails from going yellow to avoiding chapped lips in even the wildest winter conditions, cast your eyes upon these eight nuggets of valuable advice, according to experts.


Who knew you could OD on lip balm? When your lips are sore and chapped, it's tempting to keep piling on the balm (especially if you're a fan of matte lipstick ). But the constant coating can stop dry skin from breaking free. This means it builds up, making your lips feel uncomfortable and tight. It also prevents the balm from doing its job and hydrating those lower layers that really do need the moisture. Invest in a lip scrub to gently remove any crustiness, and then go in with the balm. Do it twice a week for a peachy pout.


According to Bastien Gonzalez, the pedicurist every A-lister has on speed dial, base coats stop working after three days. This means that your nails will become vulnerable due to the chemicals in your polish. The results yield weak, at-risk of breakage nails that have a yellowy tinge. Yes, it takes effort but redoing your mani every few days will make your nails appear healthy, pink and strong. We've tried it and can confirm this isn't a fallacy.


Tannng supreme James Harknett let us into a little secret recently. If you're in a rush, use your hair dryer to speed up your tan's developing process. Since you're activating the DHA faster, you're literally baking yourself bronze. You'll still need to rinse it off, but it means there's none of that overnight stinky-sheets nonsense to deal with, plus you'll achieve the same golden glow in under an hour.


We are not advocates of reapplying new foundation over old, but we are realists. Sometimes you just don't have enough time, effort or inclination to start everything from scratch between day and night. So instead of going back in with foundation to freshen up, find something silicone based, ideally a primer. It will knock back any shine and fill in pores that have started to appear more obvious. It shouldn't disrupt the rest of your makeup either, especially if you keep it to the T-zone. Use a tinted version and it's basically like the reboot button on your computer—but for your face.


If your skin is prone to dryness and feels taught and itchy, the water content of your Stratum Corneum is likely to be pretty low. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and shea butter are big hitters when it comes to skincare. But facialist Julia Hart believes nothing works better than upping your internal fatty acids. Supplements full of omega oils are your best bet, and will act like Lucozade (or coconut water) on a hangover day to replenish and rehydrate flagging faces.


Going in with extra coats of mascara when you first apply it in the morning makes for a full-on flutter, but what about when your lashes are less than fresh and you reapply later on in the day? You know what we're talking about—when your lashes look crunchier than a stale slice of toast. The secret is to pop a balm or some brow gel on your fingertips and massage your eyelashes before you layer up again. Acting as a lube, your eyelashes will suddenly become ripe and ready to receive more product.


We bet this one got your attention. But first off, let's be clear—this doesn't mean applying the sanitiser on your face. Absolutely not. However, if you find yourself touching your face during the day, especially your chin and cheeks when you're in front of the computer, make sure you regularly apply some to your hands. It will null the bacteria between keyboard and face and prevent it spreading and fermenting on your face. So hopefully, less spots.


Massaging your face to boost your circulation hasn't been kept under wraps by the experts, but there's a high probability you're not doing it right. Leading facialist, Su-Man Hsu, explains that it has to be firm so you're that moving the muscles under the skin and not just pushing it around (which can cause damage). She also recommends pressing in the opposite direction of any fine lines or wrinkles. "You would never iron a sheet along the crease to remove it, and the same principle applies to your skin. Apply pressure across frown lines and use a zig zag motion under the eye," says Hsu.


Do not take this as your lead to indulge in a whole bag of crisps in the search for smooth eyes. Instead, visit the fruit and veggie aisle and pick up a King Edward potato. Cut it into thin slices and in half so you get a half moon shape, then place them under your lower lashes. (We're not pulling your leg.) Dr Jules Nabet, Medical Director at Omniya Medi-Clinic, says that the enzymes released from raw potatoes naturally tighten the skin.
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